July 28, 2008

basketball inpro

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no words can describe it best! the MEP’s basket team won the third place. well, that was quite unexpected coz you see, others played quite an impressive games, and i guess that including us, haha.

first game, we played against ADFP, and it was so “sengit”, we lost 0-2 and actually, for your information, we had many chances in shooting, but it missed over and over again, huhu.

second game was against ALM, the played relay game, but us, played kinda fast game, so during the first half, we lead 3-6..but then, when it came to second half, we got tired and kinda stressed (obviously in me if you watch the game) coz then they cut off us by 12-6..aaaa..well, we played with no coach like the others and that game was continuos from our first game, or in other word, i “pancit”-ed..huhu..

then, our last game, which decided who’s gonna be in the third or fourth place, MEP vs ALG, and before the game started,

fifi: ala, diorang boleh la, ade coach..

me: betul2..kire kite ni hebat je snanye, leh setanding diorang tanpa coach..haha..

fifi: eee..aku nk sgt ade coach..

then tiba2 abang ADFP dpn kitorang pn berkata;

abg ADFP :eh, korang tau x knape korang kalah td? bla bla bla bla bla~~~

he taught us how to play WITH strategies. we marked all the players carefully. and alhamdulillah, 10-6..we won! haha, melompat2 cam menang first place je :p

but all over, i think, we all had a great time, playing with all type of team, who has the most powerful attackers, shooters, and lousy defends, haha.. (our team has a kinda great defense, me lo incharge, kui3)

long live basketball! XD


short-termed memory II

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these are the photos that i wanted to show you guys. first pic is our pic, lol. and the second one is the cool bowling balls that i wanted to show in the previous post. hehe~

July 25, 2008

short-termed memory

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yesterday, i had bowling ‘tournament’, representing MEP, haha..i wasn’t so GOOD, just okay shuwaiya shuwaiya, haha, and really, there’s lots of funny moments happened. and i took some pics of COOL bowling balls. but i couldn’t upload it now, got some problems with the pena memandu. huhu.

and todaeee, i went out with ain and ikha, they are now doing science foundation at uitm shah alam. ok, back to the topic, we went to pkns shah alam (je~) hehe. ya lo, take this precious opportunity to spend time with them, I won’t be around anymore after this few weeks.

and something funny happened =.=.. i use maybank atm to withdraw some amount of money, using my cimb card, but then, after withdrawing the money, my card didn’t came out. i was like, OH TIDAK! KAD KENE TELAN?! (because few of my friends had experienced this). i freaked out! (biase la, gelabah, haha) then I called ikha and same2 la kitorang gelabah..haha..then i opened my purse again, and guess what? my card was there, inside the purse =.=..

OH OWKAY =.= seems like i have a short-termed memory =.=…………………….

and ikha and ain bantai gelak gileeeee kat aku…aaahhhhh……………………….

and, kalam jad (seriously), x larat nak teman diorang shopping, haha. shopaholic rupanya mereka~,~ haha. ikha jgn maree~~

” sisters:) “

July 21, 2008

too little time, too many works

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waaaahh.. as the weekend ends up, tonnes of work “smash” me.

I was short-noticed to do the physics assignment, to top up my lousy test 1 marks.

The assignment should be, physics in medicine. I WAS blurred and finally I do Radiation Therapy. HUHU T_T

And I haven’t finished doing my english forum,

haven’t done my paired evaluated role-play,

my civil written assignment,

and tomorrow I’ll be having my 2nd and last physics test with Sir Fairuz. (he’ll be quitting lecturing and start engineering) T_T bye-bye Sir Fairuz, don’t forget to send us at the airport. haha. 😀

July 19, 2008

chores, basketball, new cousin :)

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finally, i’m home. ain’t that great? for two weeks i stayed at cemara. haha, i’m not sure the level of my home-sickness at jordan later 😦

today, though i woke up late, but i do the housework things, from first to second floor, including the stairs, i ajax fabuloso-ed them, haha..nice! dad asked why i am being very proactive? haha, well, i couldn’t bear to live in a messy place, no matter where, and no matter how high my level of laziness, i’ll do the chores!

and i really want to play basketball now. need more practise on shootings and dribbles. wish i could be like my dad, a basketball star (but that was during his early age, haha). if i could practise more, maybe i could join the inpro, representing the MEP..so as bowling, but if there’s a better player, i won’t mind if not being selected though. hehe.

and i really, am waiting for the closing ceremony, really want to see all programs’ marching with their mascot, and as an MEP student, hope there’ll be extra purdahs so that we (the penonton) could wear also, i tell you, semi transparent purdah is sexy, especially the red one, haha, tried it before at nuha’s room. sexy but funny. haha.

and yeah, and gratz for my auntie noy, a baby girl! finally shiam ada gang, haha. and the whole family will move to UK, but i’m not sure when. sure miss the kids a lot. their naughtiness sometimes annoyed me especially “salam jilat” =.=..haha, kids..

July 12, 2008

what i feel

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i still couldn’t believe. i mean, oh, come on, i didn’t perform well in my secondary school, and suddenly when the spm was announced, straight A?! not only me who got shocked, there’s more.

i applied for jpa scolarship, i never thought i’ll get it, so when i was told that i’m selected, oh god, SERIOUS?! life is so unpredictable..and here i am now, at intec, doing preparation for about 3 months. competing with the brilliants, superb straight A1 students.

sometimes, i feel down, ya lorh, i’m just a so-so level, not like theirs. then i remembered, there was once the pengurus hostel told us, “tinggalkan result spm kamu di pagar sana”. meaning now, am i equal to them? haha. well, after few test, i could see that i’m meant to be here, my result wasn’t so bad, maybe if i put more effort, i could achieve what i dream.

now, i realise, i shouldn’t let myself down. spm is not everything. as long as i work hard, i could achieve the excellence. yeah, and jordan, i’ll make sure i’ll fly! i’m going to put myself above the cut off point. mara doesn’t have cut off point by the way. that’s so unfair T_T

and by the next week, i’m going to be busy..

strive for excellence! aja aja fighting! (pengaruh fullhouse) hehe. and now, I BELIEVE. 😀

July 11, 2008

my awesome bad day

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today, it is supposed to be my super duper awesome day, after 2weeks, finally we met again, hehe. i felt differently today, not towards negativity, but positivity instead 🙂  i felt happier than before, maybe because of the long time not seeing each other rite? hehe.

the best for today is fish feeding at the lake (formerly mine-site), the fishes were BIG..seriously, never seen any ikan keli that big!

ok, now here’s the bad, my monthly ‘event’ came that evening, i didn’t realise it, luckily it didn’t leak out (leak out? is that the right term?) haha. usually i wait for this moment, but, i don’t know, my hormones are getting imbalance, i get happy and angry quite easily, bad mood for me when i got back here, maybe because i’m too exhausted? huhu. .

never mind, more post are coming!