August 31, 2008


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salam..ya malizi..ana fi urdun hallak (dear malaysian, i’m now in jordan) be precise, i’m in irbid, the second largest “city” after amman (the capital)..

the first day i arrived, i was fascinated..there is no clouds in the sky, the sky is blue, the land is sandy..and the buildings is all in box first i thought the air was super hot, it is hot, but then it was windy, welcome to jordan! marhaban ‘alurdun ya malizi! 

the first three days, we had to live with the seniors, to make all the money changing and buying goods easier, and they helped a lot..i lived at kak noni+kak dayu+kak ain ‘s house..with ijan, gee and afi..and their house is called wardatul hamra..nice 🙂

and now, we have moved to our sakan (hostel)..this time, only me and ijan left..we live by two per room, and we are super excited in decorating and bought cute and cool stuffs for our room..haha..and for your information, we have to cook by ourselves..seems like somebody is going to be “iron chef” here..lalala~

i experienced a lot with the arabs here, their culture, and we also learn how to communicate with them..some could speak english and some couldnt, simply like malaysia, except that they dont have the -lah -lah at the end of the

by this 2nd september, we are going to sit for entrance exam, english and computer literacy, hope i’ll excel in both..study3!hehe.. and i dont know when we are going to start in JUST (jordan university of science and technology)..just wait.. it wouldnt be so long by now 🙂

summer is ending, really want to goodbye this is har katir katir during the day (so hot)..haha..

ok, till then, ilal liqa!

p/s: i miss my family so much 😦


August 25, 2008


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i don’t know..

i don’t feel anything about going to jordan YET…

assuming that there is still a couple more days for me in malaysia, but to be real, there’s no more day left for me..

i’m flying to jordan..


August 13, 2008

INPRO MEP photos

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August 12, 2008

BTN, INPRO, final exam..

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okay, dah lama aku tak tulis blog, hehe.. baru2 ni aku gi BTN aka biro tatanegara, orang ramai tanye, so macam mana? hehe..jwpn aku senang je, i’m still neutral..haha.. aku x suka sangat la politik2 ni..korang pn tau kan situasi politik kat negara kita skng camne.. bagi aku stiap parti tu ade pro ngan cons nye, so xyah la nk taksub sgt.. aku xkesah parti mane yg nk memerintah negara ni, janji kebajikan rakyat terjaga, n paling penting, Islam sebagai tunjang utama dalam segala-galanya. ok.

then balik2 btn je, terus ade penutupan sukan inpro, alahai..penat sgt sume orang siapkan kostum2 at last, mep xmenang pn.. aku sangatla xpuas ati, begitu juga dengan yang lain, asal program *tuut* leh menang lak?  persembahan yg sgt TIDAK luar biasa, biasa je bg aku, kalo stakat maskot je best baik xyah..ok la if xnk mep menang pn, at least dpt no 3 pn ok la..

well, biarlah, benda dah berlaku, kami xde hak nk g ubah suka2 hati..kan? least kitorang rasa penat kitorang berbayar la, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE US! yeah! ingat mep ni sume lembik2 ke..kitorang pn cam korang gak, yg berbezanya fahaman kita..ok dah, jgn lelebih nabilah, kang wujud sentimen pemprograman lak, haha.. kne aku akta ancaman dalaman lak..haha..

so dis week, aku tgh final..korang doakanlah kejayaan kitorang..xnk sorang pn dak MEP yg xlepas cut off point n xleh fly..insya allah sume akan fly ke destinasi masing2.. insya allah…

August 2, 2008

it’s over

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my most hectic week had over…great!