October 24, 2008

Winter Time

Posted in Jordan at 11:38 am by bello

Jordan will switch to wintertime next Friday, October 31. Clocks are to be set back by one hour as of midnight Thursday, October 30, making the Kingdom two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time – JT

24 October 2008



  1. ammarfaiz said,

    waah winter
    bawak balek segenggam salji untuk aku

  2. arebi chan said,

    segenggam je mane cukup..cair on the way balik malaysia..haha

    btw da stat sejuk kat sini, ketaq2 je bgn pg..pijak simen pn sejuk!
    ko lg la nnt..uk/ireland kan..sure lg sejuk gle! hahaha..

    bersabarlah ye.. :p

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