January 1, 2009

happy new year

Posted in Jordan, muhasabah diri at 3:42 pm by bello

salam to all my fellow readers.

few days ago, we all have just entered a new chapter in our book of life. everbody kept on talking and discussing about their “azam tahun baru”. good for them. i made one new azam, which is to make all of my other azams comes true. berusaha!


and apart from that, people celebrates new year.fireworks show is fine with me. family annual dinner is fine with me. reciting Al-Quran, more than fine with me. but new year concerts? new year parties?they are SO NOT FINE with me.

as we all know, disastrous things happened in palestine.our brothers and sisters suffer from what the laknatullah israelians did.and for those who are living next to the palestine (and having palestinians friends) should feel more sorry for them. but what happened last night?

i heard peoples screaming like hell outside.like they have lost their mind.what the heck is going on?! seriously speaking, i’m so annoyed man. so damn annoyed.

sometimes, they could be so sensitive about the muslims being pressured on but sometimes they forgot due to what the kuffar has planned for the muslims in order to drag them out from the “muslims’ sensitivities” zone. few days back, i read few fliers, they are advertising new year parties in wadi rom and (i forgot the another one). and it stated that some of the activities are: bbq-ing, singing, dancing, laughing.. that is so stupid. i repeat. that is so stupid. hendonisme kills morality.

and i dont know what happened in malaysia last night. i dont know how they celebrate this new year. ‘ala kulli hal, i’m so proud of what the kelantanese did.click here for more.

celebrating new year is nothing wrong.but the way you celebrate it, will determine either it is wrong or right. done.

anyway, dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you are not 34 ok?=.=..43 is the right one. hehe.luv u dad! may Allah bless and preserve you always 🙂 thanks for raising me up for all these years (and many many years to come!) :p

birthday dad