April 2, 2010

yuhu yuhu

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this blog is no longer in use. thank you.


October 21, 2008

thoughts. haha.

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minggu depan exam.
ahem 😀

bio..kimia..oh risau nya!

ayuh2 belajar.

siap satu set past year Q bio..

aku pun buatla cucur ikan bilis..(for the first time!) haha

jadikla mcm mama punya! yey~

membuang masakah aku?



xlame lg tiada lg internet connection.

bye2 internet.

jumpa lg thn dpn (ms aku pindah rumah br).hehe.

eh? nabilah, belajar lah!


October 19, 2008


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hm2..ape yg korang faham ttg gedik?

bercakap dgn suara manje+mengada?

perangai yg mengada berlebih2an??

u judge it by yourself..

hentikanlah kegedikan yg melampau..

sakit mate aku tgk..


August 25, 2008


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i don’t know..

i don’t feel anything about going to jordan YET…

assuming that there is still a couple more days for me in malaysia, but to be real, there’s no more day left for me..

i’m flying to jordan..


August 2, 2008

it’s over

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my most hectic week had over…great!

June 30, 2008

Blogspot to WordPress

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Assalamualaikum ya ikhwah wa akhawat..

First of all I’d like to say is that arebichan is not my first blog, I HAD several blogs before, but I wasn’t really serious in blogging, it’s more like trying-for-fun things 😀

and by the way, I moved from blogspot to wordpress because I like it more here, very neat and more formal I guess. (see, I haven’t use any shortform yet :p)

anyway, take your time people, cheers!